We provide trusted material handling equipment to customers in West Michigan and the greater Midwest region.

About Us

Bay Equipment Co. is a Michigan Corporation with offices located at 395 Roost Avenue, Holland, MI 49424. The Principal owner is Jerry M. Hertel.

Bay Equipment Co. was originally established in 1974 on the corner of 7th Street and Pine Avenue in Holland, Michigan by Robert Maes Jr. Since that time, Bay Equipment Co. has continued to provide all types of used material handling equipment to customers in the West Michigan area as well as the greater Midwest region. For many years reconditioned forklifts were a specialty item for Bay Equipment Co. Along with forklifts, Bay Equipment Co. began selling its own heavy duty forks. The quality and value of Bay Equipment Co. forks has allowed that part of the business to develop throughout the entire United States and beyond. Our forks have been sold to the Philippine Islands, South America and the West Indies. Bay Equipment Co. forks are installed on equipment sold and operated around the world.

In the late 1980's Bay Equipment Co. began its move from downtown Holland to 395 Roost Avenue (map) in Holland Township on Holland's north side. Using primarily recycled steel materials a 10,000 square foot Reconditioning and Office building was constructed. The main wall supports came from construction supports used in the building process of the infamous Zilwaukee Bridge. Also, built out of primarily used steel products was a 60' x 690' warehouse which allowed for the inside storage of a large inventory of used material handling equipment. In addition, an 8 acre storage yard was constructed with more than a freighter load full of crushed limestone.

Bay Equipment Co. continues to buy and recondition all types of used material handling equipment which we offer for sale to a growing customer base. The continuing need to recycle and the ever increasing cost of raw materials such as steel make used material handling products a real value in today's competitive markets. We invite you to visit our facilities and view our extensive inventory of commonly used products as well as more unusual one of kind items. Even if visitors do not make a purchase, most come away with new ideas and plans for operating their business.

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