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Plywood & Miscellaneous
Plywood: A Bay Equipment Co. Specialty

Plywood & Miscellaneous


Heavy Duty Used Plywood

Heavy Duty Used Plywood has become a Bay Equipment Co. Specialty. The 1 ¼", 1 ½ ", 1.625", 2" and 2 ½ " thick plywood which originally came from an automotive industry robotic material handling system remains popular with our customers. The top quality fir plywood with exterior grade glues has proved useful as matting for heavy equipment, trailer decks, barn floors, heavy duty shelving and table tops as well as hundreds of other uses.

Weight [lb/sheet]
Cost [$/sheet]
1 ¼"
48" x 58" with four 2 ¼ " radius rounded corners 13 ply fir Approximately 60% of new quality.
70 lbs
1 ½"
48"x 58" with four 2¼" radius rounded corners 15 ply fir Approximately 90% of new quality
80 lbs
1 5/8"
59" x 84" with 2 ¼" radius rounded corners 15 ply fir Approximately 90% of new quality 160 lbs $50.00
58" x 82" with four 2 ¼ " radius rounded corners 17 ply fir Approximately 70% new quality
165 lbs
2 ½ "
58" x 79" with four 1 ½ " radius rounded corners 21 ply fir Approximately 90% new quality
200 lbs
Quantity discounts apply at 11, 21 and 31 sheets.

Miscellaneous Items

Hi Lo Masts

A popular item with our agricultural customers who often make there own tractor attachments. We have dozens of masts in stock of various sizes and lifting capacities.



We have 1000's of good quality, heavy duty casters in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Flo Racks                                                       

1000's of Sections of used Span Track Conveyor- Please Call for Sizes and Pricing
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